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Featured 1800Flowers Customer Complaint:

Name : Twizz
Email Address : twizz21@gmail.com
Name of Delivering Florist : Downtown Waterfront Florist

My Complaint : On 05/13/2012...I ordered Mother's Day 
flowers from 1-800-Flowers, (they use Downtown Waterfront 
Florist as their local florist) for the Clermont area. I ordered 
a standard Mother's Day arrangement of mix flowers and 
roses with a small box of chocolates and a card to be 
delivered the day after Mother's Day. They were not delivered 
until after 7 p.m. which is unprofessional. 

I can understand being late but they were promised before 
5 p.m. My Mother was not home when they arrived, they were left at her front door, wilted, thrown together loosely with no packaging and without the standard flower food packet and NO CHOCOLATES (which were paid for)!! Odd, so I called 1-800-flowers to let them know how unprofessional the arrangement looked and how late the 
delivery was and how the chocolates were not included. 

They refunded the money for the chocolates and wanted to make it right so they had the Downtown Waterfront Florist send another bouquet of flowers (what was originally ordered). My Mother was not home when they delivered the second arrangement and she prepared by leaving a note on the front door to please leave them in the backyard instead of the front porch this time. When they delivered the second arrangement, the delivery person left the flowers in the back yard as requested but saw the first arrangement sitting there and TOOK the first arrangement????? 

I was in shock when my Mother called to tell me this. They were late on the first delivery and left her a HORRIBLE looking arrangement of flowers not even close to what was ordered, thrown together and did NOT deliver the chocolates that were paid for. In addition, Downtown Waterfront Florist TOOK her first arrangement on the second delivery because she happened to have them sitting out back????? This is HORRIBLE customer service and unfortunately, even though 1-800-Flowers tried to make it right, I will NOT use them again since they broker with Downtown Waterfront Florist. 

Everyone makes mistakes but when they took the arrangement on the second try, WOW! Good, keep them! Being in the flower business is a special and honorable business. You get to brighten people's day and bring joy to them. Instead, this company does not seem to care that they RUINED my Mother's Day surprise for my Mom. Instead of feeling excited and happy, DISSAPPOINTMENT is the word!! Someone‚s lack of pride or care in their work on a joyous occasion turned sour. 

My advice to this company after what I experienced and all the reviews I read after the fact, either get out of the flower business or sell your business to someone who takes pride in the work and enjoys bringing other people happiness. You brought misery, headache and stress on such a joyful occasion. Mistakes happen and can be forgiven but the second time around∑stealing her first arrangement of flowers is POOR, POOR, POOR! To anyone reading this I highly recommend using a different florist! The flower arrangement was expensive and not of the quality that was promised for the price. 

The delivery of product was well below average, not equivalent to what it cost and was late! Who‚s to say if they really forgot to include the chocolates or if the delivery person took them too? They took the first arrangement of flowers on the second delivery, so not such a far stretch to think? Not to mention the priceless joy they stole from the surprise of the gift! Go elsewhere! Buyer Beware!
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If you order $50 worth of flowers from 1800Flowers the delivering florist is only given $35.50 for the order & charged $2.25 to take the order? 

It's true: If you order from 1800Flowers, the local florist that creates & delivers your flower order is only given 71% of the product amount. The additional fees you paid to 1800Flowers like the service charge 1800Flowers keeps for themselves (i.e. $14.99). 

1800Flowers then sends the order to the local florist and charges that florist a $2.25 receiving fee. The total is now $33.50. The florist then backs-out the cost of goods, labor, and gas/delivery fee.

Who’s the losers here? You & the local florist. 
1800Flowers Behind The Scene Cost Breakdown based on a $50 value amount....

  $50.00 − 1800Flowers Product Amount
  $14.99 − 1800Flowers Service Fee
  $64.99 − Total YOU Paid To 1800Flowers (minus tax)

Actual Amount Paid To Local Florists 

  $35.50 - Amount Given To The Local Florist 
  -$2.25 - Fee Billed to Florist by 1800Flowers
   $33.50 - Total Amount Given To Local Florist