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Name : Scott C
Email : scott.crone@gmail.com
Order Number : 57993

My Complaint : Flowers for my daughter's 20th 
birthday not delivered! I am profoundly 
disappointed with the service provided by 
Ava's Flowers. I ordered 24 hours in advance 
hoping this would give them plenty of time - for 
a company that advertises same day delivery.

At 4 pm I was informed that the flowers had 
not arrived. When I phoned customer service to 
check on the status, I was placed on hold while the service rep tried to contact the florist. He was unable to reach them. He then noted that he could see they had at least 3 funerals that day and were no doubt busy. I was told to call back later. I phoned back approx. 45 mins later and was told that the flowers were delivered and dropped off at the door. When I called to verify with the recipient I was informed that no deliveries were made and that they were home the entire day. As well, this delivery was to be made to an upscale neighbourhood - not the sort of place where things are stolen off front porches of homes.

When I phoned Avas Flowers to challenge their assertion I was quickly told I could have an upgrade sent out the following morning. These flowers were for a birthday. The next day is no longer a birthday and not quite the same. When I told them a next day delivery would not be acceptable I was promptly offered a refund. To make matters worse the refund would not show up on my credit card until 5 to 7 days later. So no flowers and I don't have my money back.

I submitted a complaint on their website and 24 hours later have not heard a reply or decency of an apology. They may not have had time to reply to my complaint but they sure had time to remove my comments from their Facebook page. Clearly they are more interested in covering up their mistakes than owning up to them.
People - be sure to share your experience on Facebook so your friends and family don't make the same mistake we did.

I wish I had read this website first before I ordered from Avas Flowers. Never again will they get my money - or my friends!
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