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Name : Mary
Email :

My Complaint : Guaranteed same day service then received an 
apologetic phonecall stating it would be upgraded and delivered 
the next day. I learned it was delivered late afternoon the next 
day and from the looks of it certainly was not upgraded or what 
I ordered. When I complained they were apologetic and provided 
me with $10 credit for future use which I will never use. Don't 
advertise same day if you can't deliver. I should have read the 
many poor reviews first before ordering and spending $69.99! 
 I would have been better puchasing a dozen roses for $10 at 
produce junction!  

Name : Mary
Email :

My Complaint : Guaranteed same day service then received an apologetic phonecall stating it would be upgraded and delivered the next day. I learned it was delivered late afternoon the next day and from the looks of it certainly was not upgraded or what I ordered. When I complained they were apologetic and provided me with $10 credit for future use which I will never use. Don't advertise same day if you can't deliver. I should have read the many poor reviews first before ordering and spending $69.99! I would have been better puchasing a dozen roses for $10 at produce junction!  

Name : Faris Sabbah
Email :
Order Number : 90112276

My Complaint : Placed an order for delivery to a funeral. Received an email confirming delivery at the service. 12 hours later, I received another email the morning after saying that they were unable to deliver and if I would like to deliver the flowers the next day. 

Name : Michele

My Complaint : I ordered a contemporary arrangement at 8:30 am to be delivered on the same day for a special event. It didn't happen. I called and was very unhappy. They gave me a 10% discount and a $10 gift card and told me they'd have it delivered the next day with an apology note. It was delivered the next day and with an apology note but completely NOT AT ALL what I ordered!!! They delivered, what I consider, an embarrassingly cheap-looking arrangement - different vase and different flowers!!! When it was all said and done, I only managed to get a 30% discount and a $15 gift card. I told them I'd take the 30% discount, but that they could keep the gift card because I would NEVER order from them again! Customer Service is nice and will promise you the world, but are not able to resolve anything. Now I'm just waiting to see if they actually credit the 30% to my card because they hadn't credited the 10%. They say that they guarantee 100% satisfaction...Well I'm not even 10%
satisfied. I've never had this kind of problem ordering flowers before.

Name : Peggy Powell
Email :
Order Number : 90079819

My Complaint : My mother-in-laws fruit basket was suppose to be delivered on Friday May 11th. On Mother's day I sent and email and called since I had received a confirmation email that the delivery had been made but mother-in-law had still not received anything. I was told they were trying to "re-deliver" since they still had trucks out in that area". 

On Monday at 5:00pm still she received nothing, I called again. They say they were trying to "re-deliver" and it should be today. The first person offered me a $10.00 gift certificate and a $10.00 upgrade. I told him I needed to speak to a manager because I wanted a refund. The manger, Chris Belton, offered me a 20% discount and told me they still trying to deliver but with it being Mother's Day and a rural area, which it is not. I told him their guarantee says 100% satisfaction or my money back. I want a refund and you need to call and apologize to my mother-in-law and still deliver her basket. He agree to do that. Of course, still nothing has been done. No even the apology and it's four days later.

Name : Nicole Taylor
Email :

My Complaint : Ordered flowers to be delivered Mother's Day to my elderly mother. Company is a scam. Never delivered flowers, lied on the phone, gave me runaround! Never, ever will order from this lousy place. Regretfully, I now find hundreds of complaints against them everywhere.

Name : Arthur Hanket 
Email :
Order Number : 90021653

My Complaint : Mother's Day order made on May 1st with an easy delivery date on the Friday BEFORE Mother's Day. No order confirmation except via paypal, then no order delivery info sent. On Saturday I called but For You Flowers could not get the local florist to either confirm, deny or guarantee delivery. I not only disappointed my mother by using this company, but wasted an hour+ of my time trying to get it resolved with nothing to show for it. GO TO LOCAL FLORISTS direct! I will do so from now on ONLY.
Burbank CA

Name : Courtney
Order Number : 900699??

My Complaint : I am very disappointed in the flowers that were sent to my mother and mother-in-law for mother's day. I think it is appalling what they and other flower companies do to customers. In both circumstances you can plainly see that they aren't even close to the examples on the website. I've never seen such a blatant example of false advertising in my life and they insult my intelligence by trying to tell me that's the "premium" version but not only does it say the one shown should be the regular one, but I even upgraded both of them. For goodness sakes, the vase isn't even right on one of them (should have been pink but came clear). I understand some substitutions may need to be made, but leaving flowers out all together is ridiculous. This is one customer that will be sending cookies or fruit from now on, at least they show up looking like they are supposed to.

Name : Brianna 
Order Number : Order #90056233??

My Complaint : I was very excited to find a flower delivery site that offered relatively reasonable pricing so I placed an order for a get well bouquets, as well as two Mother's Day bouquets.

Sparse, disappointing and ripped off is how it appears, especially considering I paid the additional $20 to upgrade to the PREMIUM version of this Sunny & Smiling Bouquet. There was nothing sunny and smiling about a bunch of greenery with sparse color, and slightly droopy flowers. Certainly nothing like the full, cheerful bouquet the website photo depicted or value expected. Even if this was the 'regular' version of the bouquet, I would consider it horribly disappointing - not to mention I paid extra for double upgrade to premium to prevent it from arriving like this.

I am frustrated as I had already placed two additional orders for Mother's Day flowers, including 'premium' upgrade that I fear will offer the same disappointing and sparse appearance.

I feel blatantly ripped off at this point.  

Name : Jane Peterson
Email :

My Complaint : I have learned my lesson. DO NOT CALL ANY NON BRICK AND MORTAR FLOWER SHOP. Internet based flower shops are garbage - they over charge and they do not deliver or accept responsibility

Name : Stephanie
Email :
Order Number : 89979997

My Complaint : I ordered a birthday bouquet for my mother's birthday and the flowers were never delivered. Very disappointed and will never use this service again.

Name : Elizabeth
Order Number : Order # 89974086

My Complaint : Placed an order for a simple ballon delivery on a Sunday, days before the event. On the morning of the event I received an e-mail stating they were sorry, but no florist in the area would deliver on a Sunday, but they would be happy to send a written appology to my dad when they delivered the following Monday. What???

Had Fromyouflowers attenpted to place the order when I placed it they would have been able to tell me earier. Or just a simple bait and switch, Not sure- either way bad business!

Name : terry hegler
Email :
Order Number : Order #89947149

My Complaint : Well this is not a complaint but since there was no contact us on your online ad, I here to apologize for my comments regarding my arrangement. Please note the response to my recipients receiving her flowers:

Hey T, You are unhappy about there not being yellow roses in the arrangement, but you don't know that these beautiful double edged, tri-colored pink roses are the perfect color. Pink roses are the" Sweetheart Roses".So you see Sweetheart, the Sweetheart Rose was the perfect selection for your Sweetheart!!!!!! I also know that was alot to spend on flowers but believe me they are healthy, well arranged, and about 24 flowers in this beautiful glass vase. i plan to wear/ pin on my blouse,two of the roses Easter Sunday!!!

So thanks, disregard my complaint, and this crow is hard to digest..........T

Name : Chris
Email :

My Complaint : First, I would like to express my sincere appreciation for you guys RUINING MY ANNIVERSARY! I hope you can feel the sarcasm in that statement. I have been a loyal customer to you guys for a while and this is not my first order. I placed an order last week for a bouquet of flowers to be sent to my girlfriend the day before Valentines day (since this is actually our anniversary) and because this is a "special" week I was even required to pay the extra delievery fee, which I didn't mind paying because her happiness does not have a price tag to me.

That being said, I went online and used the EXACT SAME address information that I used the last time that I placed an order... The main difference is this time she never received the order on our anniversary. She works until 5:00 pm and was planning on leaving early... I told her she needed to work the whole day (because I didn't want to ruin the surprsie)... 

Well eventually I got a confirmation explaining that the flowers had been delivered and being excited I immediately called her to ask her she liked her flowers and to my surprise she did not receive them. What the Fuck? Was the first thing that went through my mind I couldn't understand it and she was extremely irritated with me because she thought that I neglected to do anything for our anniversary (again, I want to thank your half assed attempt to process a delivery).

The next morning I got back to work and received a new email from you guys explaining that the order was never delivered... Hmmm that's odd, why the hell did I get a confirmation the day before and now I get an email that they weren't delivered? My guess is that the delivery driver wanted to go home and never attempted to process my delivery and as such made me look like a DICK on my anniversary.

Now, this was not for Valentines and was not to be received as a Valentines gift but was in fact supposed to be the beginning of things that I had planned for our anniversary!

Ok, you now know the story let me explain what I will be doing:

First, I will never order flowers through your service again since your delivery times can no longer be trusted.

Second, I will be writing a very nice and lenghtly blog about how my anniversary was runined by From You Flowers.

Third, I will post a link to my blog through every social media channel that I can possibly find, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and I may even make a fun little video explaining how much you suck.

Normally I wouldn't be this extreme but this was our 1 year anniversary and to my girl this was a very important day. I once again want to thank you for ruining this special day for us and just know that you will never see another dime from us.


My next communication will include the link to the post about your organization and I'm pretty sure I will be including an email to Michael Chapin...

Name : Brad
Email :
Order Number : 89809733

My Complaint : Flowers were ordered on 2/9/12, for delivery to a business address on 2/13/12. The flowers never made it however I received an email indicating that they were delivered at on 2/13 at 11:13pm. Close to midnight. I called the next day to my girlfriend to make sure they made it, guess what she had no idea, where they were? I called fromyouflowers at about 10am, and spoke to (Angela Smith Employee #4616). The woman called the florist and confirmed that there was no delivery. I then asked Angela what she was going to do. She told me she would give me 10 dollars off on my next order. At that point I asked for manager, she held me on the phone, when she came back she told me the managers were too busy to come to the phone. She then proceeded to tell me that it wasn‚t her fault that the florist didn‚t make the deliver and it wasn‚t her responsibility. She offered to cancel my order and, let‚s just say I lost it. I told her that I have a contract with them and not the florist,

if they have third party issues, that isn‚t my problem. At this point this xxxxx got really rude; if she worked for me I would have terminated her on spot. I then called back and spoke with another agent (Alex) who was really nice, but couldn‚t get through to the local florist. He promised to call me back and didn‚t. It‚s now 5:30pm and the building is closed and guess what, the flowers never made it. What a horrible company to deal with, they managed to ruin a young ladies valentine‚s day.

Name : lisa
Order Number : 8254880

My Complaint : Do not believe these folks when they say you can order uop until 3:00 and have flowers delivered the same day. I ordered the day before and they still were not delivered the dayu I wanted them to be. I was told by Florist Express that the order was never recieved, yet it was already on my credit card. Flowers for you placed the order through Florist Excpres which is a preferred partner of Pro Flowers. I was offered a 50% credit, icluding delivery, to have the item deivered today. I refused as I felt that they should have just delivered them. Was n hold for quite a whole and FINALLY was able to speak to a supervisor who stated that they sometimes hire people during busy seaons and they do not always understand or know what is going on. This ordeal went on for 2 days inclduing 2 e-mails nad 3 pone calls..... No one was very receptive to helping, just kind of fluffed it off


Very, very poor and inconsistent service. My girl still does not have her flowers for her birthday. Yesterday I called and was told that my rush delivery fee of $20 was to be credited to my account since the delivery was not on time. Today when I called and flowers were still not delivered I was informed that I only had a credit of $8. In an effort to keep my business, I was offered a 50% discount on the arrangement based on an $8 credit. When I asked to speak to a supervisor(twice) and was denied, the operator offered me the same deal both times after returning to the phone!

Quite a bit of wasted time and disappointment for both myself and my girlfriend.

I have reported this company to the better business bureau and also online in the effort that hopefully no one else has a terrible experience with this company like I did.

Name : Yia Yang
Email :

My Complaint : I ordered my girlfriend the Santa's Workshop mini Christmas tree and when she received it, it looks like a deformed broccoli head instead of a tree! WTF. Every picture online and on their site of the tree made it look like it was a tree then my girlfriend sends me a picture of it and OH WTF, this is not a damn tree at all.

Name : Margaret Davliakos
Email :
Order Number : 89643545

My Complaint : Enter comments here!switch and bait company. I put my order in a week ahead and when they delivered it the flower was the same but the container or the sea glass were not (it was the reason I picked it) they had enough time to get back to me and tell me this. Never will use them again and I have spread the word about them

Name : Julie Patton
Email :
Order Number : 89598260
My Complaint : this was one of the most disappointing experiences i have encountered in some time....i paid the extra to get flowers delivered to my mom for her birthday on Tuesday. Wed they called and said they did not deliver them. They would put in a ballon. Wed. they called and said they still did not deliver them and would refund me the service charge of $14. Thurs they called and said they would deliver them and refund the $14 and put in a balloon. It is friday. My mom still did not get the flowers, i asked for a reund and told them to go to hell. This company not only sucks but let me and my mom down. i will do EVERYTHING in my power to spread the word on what a shitty service this is.

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