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Name : michelle lomas
Email : michellelomas6@gmail.com
Order Number : 168

My Complaint : Ordered flowers for mother's day 
for my mother-in-law with instructions to leave 
with the neighbor if she wasn't home. It is now 
Monday the 14th and she still has not received 
them. I am on hold right now-it's been 4 minutes 
and I still have not spoken to anyone. 
Just the recorded loop!

Name : Bruce Forbes
Order Number : 10896

My Complaint : Did not deliver, wanted $10.00 extra dollars to deliver on day they said they would.
Terrible, Terrible, Terrible,- Completely blew my Wife's flowers on her Birthday away on busines. By the way waited 10 minutes for someone to answer after I was hung up on by a company rep and was told they were only an overflow service and could not really look at my account AVOID AT ALL COSTS GOOGLE AND ONLY DEAL LOCAL

Name : Danielle Coggin
Email : nclsmth07@gmail.com
Order Number : 5444

My Complaint : I ordered some flowers from Goflorist.com on Thursday Mothers day I paid $40 it said that it would be delivered by 5, and no delivery yet.I called customer service and it took me 20 minutes on the line, waiting on hold for somebody to answer, when they finally answered I asked them if I could know a tracking number, or any information. They said no they couldn't help me, what a waste of money,time,and hope to make someones day special. DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME BUYING FLOWERS FROM THIS WEBSITE.ITS SCAM!!!!!!

Name : Allisha Porter
Email : allishacasher@hotmail.com
Order Number : 

My Complaint : I placed an order for my husband on valentines day. He was in Arizona for business. I kept asking him if he recived anything and he said no..he even kept checking the front desk. It says on the web site that if the order is not delivered the day you asked for, they will deliver it the next business day. THAT DID NOT HAPPEN. I Probably called maybe 10 times throughout the day and no one answered. I seriously thought i had falled for a SCAM . I have called twice for a refund in my account and HAVE NOT RECIEVED A REFUND and it has been months later.

Name : Tom Ulbrich
Email : thomas.s.ulbrich@wellsfargo.com
Order Number : WD4-2977

My Complaint : When I NEEDED a floral delivery on valentines day. GoFlorist.com did NOT deliver and it gets worse. My wife was 700 miles away and having a bad day. I ordered flowers totaling $114 be delivered the next day (Valentine's Day). I talked with my wife several times and she never said anythinga about receiving flowers. Finally at 8 pm I flat out asked her and she said no delivery. No was the reply. I pulled up my checking account and i was overbilled by Goflorist for a total charge of $130.

On Feb 15th I received a call from the "manager" who said they couldn't find a truck to deliver the flowers. I said that's great. Your ad said deliver to my zip code "next day". When asked about overbilling he said I was to be charged $130. even though my 

"total invoice" which I have a copy said $114. I asked if his wife received flowers on Valentines day. He said he was divorced. Hmmm. Wife's want flowers on Valentines day and there is no excuse for non-delivery, no communication that they could not make the delivery and then overbilled. OUCH! Not a hppy camper. Yes I was refunded $130

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