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1) Name/Email: 3/2/2012 4:01:17 AM (GMT)
First of all I would like to say this is awesome to see that there is so many others who feel the same as myself... Wow!!! I've been designing flowers for 26 years and in the early years ftd & teleflora had rules & regulations to abide by before a florist could become a member... Slowly as time went by their standards dropped so they could make more money... They begin letting anyone become a member... That's where the order gathers come in... And if that's not enough FTD & Teleflora are also our competition... They also promise same day deliveries... Even on major holidays... And charge handling fees and delivery fees that the filling florist never receives... So all REAL florist, with REAL designers & front doors that open & close with REAL order takers that personally help the customer choose that perfect arrangement should stand up and complain to the one's responsible... And that is FTD & Teleflora!!! They are the reason real florist go through this... They allow order gathers to become members... So they are the REAL reason our family owned local florist are having to close shop... If every florist would pull their membership from these 2 wire services for only a few months we would see a major change... Without REAL florist they are nothing!!! With that said " Happy Flowering " !!! :-)

2) Name/Email: 5/25/2012 5:08:51 AM (GMT)
I do not like the flower order gatherers but we are stuck with them whether we want them or not. They have taken over our wire services and they rule...We florist have no say so on who is their for us. They are all related and or affiliated with each other. I received an order the other day via the internet from bloomnet , florist to florist order. To my surprise I get a phone call from Just Flowers checking on an order to see if it had been delivered yet. I mention to them that the order did not come from them and she laughed and stated that they were affiliated with them. WHAT! Yes she said that Pro Flowers, Just Flowers, Blooms Today, Express Flowers and From You Flowers were all affiliated with 1800Flowers... Was that a joke or what? Where are our true wire service company that are only real florist to real florist wire service company? There is one that claims that they only deal with real florist. I googled and did some research and found out that the flower order gatherer is not only that but also affiliated with them too. We have received orders from a flower order gatherer claiming they are a real florist, they are not.

3) Name/Email: 5/15/2012 3:59:53 AM (GMT)
seeing your site for the first time, I like it. We have a small flower shop in Edson, Alberta, Canada. Thank you for helping to educate both consumers and florists.

4) Name/Email: 5/13/2012 3:22:10 PM (GMT)
We are a sending and receiving shop for Teleflora. We were so disappointed to see the price slashes on their offered bouquets for mother's day. Giving 23% off the top for an order and taking another 20% off the value made it unable to service these orders and make a profit as well. We had to send inquiries asking for the true money to keep the integrity of the arrangements intact. Also if we had refused these orders and not sent inquiries we are charged a dollar for that. The local florist call becomes more important not only to the sender in these new internet days but also to the local florist producing the floral items. I am sorry to say as a florist Telelfora has let us down so much so we are seriously considering of dropping our "last" national ordering company.

5) Name/Email: 5/10/2012 6:02:49 PM (GMT)
I have told Just Flowers 5 times today that we will not be accepting any more orders from them. They don't care what you fill the order with and give you a small amount of money. They tried to give me an amount that would basically cover the cost of the vase ... not the flowers! I heard at one time they were owned by one of the wire services but don't know for sure. I am spending my time pleasing the customers I have that are willing to talk to me or even email me. Not for order gatherers.

6) Name/Email: 5/4/2012 6:49:55 PM (GMT)
Ftd has lied to me so many times saying that my shop had accepted an order we never reiviced, I even had one service rep from ftd call me back to argue with me. I hate that my corp makes me take ftd because i believe that is it only destroying the good name we have created. Id like to think that teleforal is better but its not really they send me inccorect addresses and dead phone numbers;however, they havent called yelling at me saying it was my fault. When I called to file a complaint the girl who yelled at me picked up and round two began....

7) Name/Email: 3/31/2012 1:31:58 AM (GMT)
I am a floral designer with 20 plus years experience and feel I need to share my last design job experience. I hate to say it but I worked for Wesley Berry flowers located in Michigan and would like to save others from doing so. It is a horrible experience. I was verbally abused by the owner which if you work there you will experience the yelling. To be cursed at by a grown man who signs your paychecks is usually not the normal occurrence at a job but at Wesley Berry Flowers it's considered normal and people allow it heck I once allowed it. I was forced to try and outwit people calling from out of state to place an order to deliver in a state Wesley Berry does not have their own shop. Never say no just take the order was a policy memo...I knew taking orders on a Sunday for a funeral in Chicago (and I'm located in Michigan ) it wasn't going to be delivered yet I HAD to take the order so someone could email them on monday saying some lie why the delivery never happened...the demands and hours during holidays are horrible...Fedex boxes stuffed with flowers of any assortment no matter what the customer ordered were being cranked out by the hundreds..quanity not quality is their holiday mode...I remember once Wes came out at 2am and yelled come on people we can rest when were dead..during holiday the hours worked you feel dead..I could go on for hours...just want designers to know not a good company to work for...

8) Name/Email: 3/5/2012 10:34:39 PM (GMT)
It is good to hear from other florist who feel the same as I do. We often call our wire service a necessary evil. What else can you do? Are the places that call me that say for a single anual fee they will forward orders legitimate or is that just as bad? Anyone have experience with them?

9) Name/Email: 5/25/2012 5:18:34 PM (GMT)
FTD is a bunch of theives. I am a small florist. We have owed FTD money every month since becoming members. They send us orders that are not in our delivery area, and below our minimum order amount, and charge us $2 for each order. I set delivery areas and a minimum, and they ignore it and get my $2 anyway. I tried to cancel my membership in March, and for some stupid reason dealing with some directory, I am still obligated to FTD until September 1!! 5 months to cancel a membership that is costing me $140+ every month! I email and call and nobody even pays attention to me. I get no replies, no calls back, nothing! All they care about is getting my $$.

10) Name/Email: Raenelle 2/28/2012 3:32:34 PM (GMT)
As a designer for over 21 years, wire orders were always a pet peeve. It felt horrible to use the recipe for designs that were supposed to be all around with specific dimensions only to realize that there was never enough flowers allotted to make it look like the picture that the customer was expecting. What do you do at that point? The wire service was already taking too much of the profit. Do you stick with the recipe that will give your company a little profit? Do you make the design look like the picture with more flowers and lose money? What about the reputation of your company? The shop I was working for is now closed and I thoroughly believe that the greed and false advertising of the wire service companies had a huge hand in it! The wire services forgot that the florist can't pay them if they are not in business. They need to rethink their business strategy! Right now, florists and customers need to avoid wire services altogether! I am now a home-based event florist and I love it! It is nice to be able to exceed customer's expectations on a regular basis and still make money!

11) Name/Email: 2/28/2012 6:19:06 AM (GMT)
We are a completely independent florist in Texas who has never partnered with a service. We do most of our advertising through our website, on Facebook, and on Google Adwords. After three tough years, things are looking up and we are finally doing enough revenue to make a profit. I think the modern florist must fully embrace the internet, up to 20 hours a week to do it, but I just wanted to say it CAN be done!

12) Name/Email: Bobby 2/8/2012 1:00:06 AM (GMT)
The service will be always wrong just because instead of using Wesley Berry or Teleflora or FTD or 1800flowers people should search for the florist who is physically located in the city the delivery must be done and order from LOCAL FLOWER SHOP!!! Do not use 3rd party. Those companies are nothing more but useless and unnecessary part in your business between you and the florist who will actually do and delivery your flowers. By calling local florist direct you will save your money and you will get what you will pay for. Also local florist will always take care of your direct and do whatever it takes to make your flowers the best because you are they direct customers. USE ALWAYS LOCAL FLORIST AND CUT OFF THAT UNNECESSARY HYBRID LIKE WESLEY BERRY, TELEFLORA, FTD. ETC. How to find a local florist? Just go to Google, yahoo or other search engine and search for flower shop in the city your delivery is must go to.... call them direct, many has they own website with shopping cart so you can even order online and deal with them. Its so simple process, secure and best for you and florist who will work hard to make your flowers beautiful.

13) Name/Email: Marie 12/31/2011 2:10:04 AM (GMT)
I'm a florist with a small shop that also fills orders for Teleflora and 1800flowers/Bloomnet/FromYouFlowers(all the same corporation). When I deliver orders received from these companies, I enclose my business card. I sometimes get questions or complaints from customers who ordered from one of the 1800flowers companies. Customers expect to receive what they saw online, but unfortunately what they show is often a medium or large arrangement when the customer bought the smallest size. I explain that there is a recipe that fulfilling florists follow for each order. I can understand the customers’ frustration, especially since they also paid extra fees of at least $15.00 or more per order. The local florist receives the order at a much lower price than what the customer paid to the wire services, and then the florists get charged very costly fees from each order. If the customer called a local florist they would have received what they expected, with excellent quality, and at a much better price. Local florists care about customer satisfaction because their business depends on their reputation. Just search online for a local florist serving the area where you want a delivery.

14) Name/Email: Jenny 11/3/2011 8:43:39 PM (GMT)
Such an amazing idea to create this website - gives so much more credit to the REAL florists out there! Thank you!!

15) Name/Email: Debbie 10/18/2011 1:57:11 PM (GMT)
I am so relieved to find this site. We are a small local licensed florist, and this Avas flowers is all over our local search engines, when trying to get answers who they claim are affliated with them to deliver flowers they have no answers what so ever, I'm adding a link to my site also, great detective work. Thank you.

16) Name/Email: Sara and Mike Seeger - Fife WA Florists 4/7/2011 1:18:53 AM (GMT)
Appreciate your site very much. So many horror stories about order gatherers, turning folks away from gifting flowers because of bad experiences. Please call a local florist for any and all your deliveries. We want to make beautiful memories for all our customers. Go local.

17) Name/Email: Farah Payton-Snider 3/25/2011 5:52:46 PM
As a local florist owner I get calls all the time from people that have had horrible experiences with websites like 1800Flowers, ProFlowers, and the like. I tell everyone I know to always call a LOCAL florist to ensure the best arrangement for your money. Its so much easier to do these days with the internet. Simply go to (yellow pages) and do a search for "Florist" in the city and state where you want to send flowers. Be sure they have a local address and phone number and give them a call. And if you ever have an issue, you won't get stuck in Siberia on hold for an hour waiting for a supervisor to tell you they won't refund your money. You'll get a human being on the line the moment the phone is answered that will help you in every way they can to ensure you are a return customer. :)

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