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Name : MarthaStewart
Email : peilinghill@yahoo.com
Name of Delivering Florist : Just Flowers will not tell you

My Complaint : Fraudulent company. No flowers were 
delivered. You cannot get a refund, actually they will charge 
you $15 additional for non delivery. They will tell you they 
attempted delivery and called. They did not attempt delivery 
or call, home all day and phone ringer was on loud and clear, 
if they attempted to call why did they not leave a voice mail, 
why did it not show up on missed calls? You cannot 
understand them with their thick accents. Called 8 times 
with no resolution when you ask for a supervisor every 
customer service rep states that they are the supervisor. 
They need investigated and shut down! 
Use only local trusted florist.

Name : Margaret June
Email : margaretjune4599@att.net
Name of Delivering Florist : PK floral and gift
My Complaint : My complaint is that I ordered flowers through Just Flowers
for my husband's mother's 94th birthday. What I ordered was so pretty in the picture but she did not get that and it cost me a lot.
it was almost two days late and they sent it through another florist and did not even come close to the description of what to send. I called them several times and they were not willing to cooperate with me. They gave me $5.00 off and that was it. they gave me the number of the actual florist and they have not done anything to make this right either. For one thing some of the flowers were even dead when it arrived That was April 10th and I am still trying to get some satisfaction and correction. Either a refund and something sent that is pretty and close to what I ordered. The people at Just Flowers were so hard to understand and only argued with me. what can I do?

Name : Debra Jameyfield
Email : debjohnson@accesstoledo.com
Name of Delivering Florist : Don't Know
My Complaint : I ordered a beautiful pink sympathy arrangement for my cousin's funeral. It was $69.99 and I paid and extra $10 to upgrade it. What was delivered was nothing at all like the picture. It had yellow daisys with black centers, some old looking dusty rose roses and some white roses. When I called they offered to re-deliver it, but there was only one day showing and it was too late. Then they offered me a $5 refund and told me that the flowers they sent were an upgrade from what I ordered. I am disputing the charges on my credit card now to try to get some satisfaction.  
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