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Name : Angela Kuhlman
Email Address :
Florist Name : Fox Run Florist
My Complaint : We are a young military family trying to survive on a salary of an enlisted service members first few years of his career. We ordered 2 sets of flowers for our moms, with the only money we had, for mothers day. My mom got a horrible arrangement, nothing like the one i paid for.And my mother in-law got nothing. The owner promised me refunds for both. After stringing me along for a week telling me the refund was "in the mail" I asked them what was really going on and they told me they don't give refunds so there was no way i was told that. Although i did get a refund for the undelivered flowers. I am still owed a promised amount of 46$for the other. They are now avoiding me. After 2 days of calling and no answers I emailed them how I felt. He then told me not to contact them again in a rude, unprofessional, defensive email. I have contacted the better business bureau, Pinellas county customer law protector, the national complaint board and I will spread the word to as
many military customers looking for flowers that I have been deceived and mislead by this company. if I cant have my money back I can at least try to protect the people who fight for the freedom he has to sell his little flowers.

Email Address :
Florist Name : FLORIST ONE
My Complaint : I ordered Mother's Day flowers for my mother in law on Wednesday to be delivered on Saturday. They never arrived. After calling her on Sunday I found out they were not delivered. I checked my email and found a message sent at 9:44 on Saturday telling me she lived in an area they did not deliver to, that they just discovered it that morning and that they tried to call by my phone wasn't working. My phone worked fine, I was home all day and my caller ID shows other calls but none from the Florist. They flat out lied and didn't give me the courtesy of a call. It was too late of course to order new so I will order some that will arrive well after Mother's Day.

Name : Pan Diamantis
Email Address :
Florist Name : White oak florists
My Complaint : My flowers did not arrrive on the day I requested and confirmed in the order confirmation. I called the store and they said that on mothers day the store was closed and the store hours are posteed on their web site. However on their website clearly states "order mothers day flowers today for delivery Sunday May 13.
Totally misleading and I am very dissatisfied customer because my wife is at work today.
Needless to say I am not going to use this "service" any more.

Name : Lisa
Email Address :
Florist Name :
My Complaint : My flowers didn't arrive on the day promised. I was told they would arrive the next day first thing. At 1pm the next day they weren't there. I called and the woman told me they were on a van. Total LIE! There actually was no answer at the flower shop. She gave me a fake name as I found out on my third call. She promised a partial refund that I never got. I finally got a full refund but the day was ruined!

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