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Company Name : Brentwood Flower
Email : lorigrayshipe@yahoo.com

My Comments : Bloomnet's POS is the best option, no long term contract, no pressing desperate salea rep's, get bin and out of plan as needed. Plus Bloomnet pays the highest rebate in the floral industry.

This is why we are dropping TF & FTD & to be Bloomnet only. Plus we love Napco. 

Company Name : Galloway Florist
Email : gallowayflorist@gmail.com

My Comments : Teleflora POS system is nothing but a money pit. They lied to me about every thing. Every concern I had from the beginning they reassured me it was OK. Never would I have purchased the system if I would have realize my shop would be tied to them forever. I wanted a stand alone system, what I got was a tie together forever with TF. I WANT TO START A "CLASS ACTION LAW SUIT AGAINST TF. Any interest e-mail me.


I sent my letter to terminate and am waiting to see what happens to my system. They act like the own you and your shop, in return for NOTHING. NO PROFIT is made by being a member, NONE.

Company Name : Tiffany's Flowers and Gifts
Email : tjsekeres@rocketmail.com

My Comments : My biggest issue when I was sold the point of sale was that I was told the maintenance fee associated with it every month I could drop when I was comfortable with the system. After 6 months I thought my staff and I were more than competent and called to cancel. I was told I would not be able to get any updates or anything associated with POS even though I already pay a separate fee for Dove. How can they do that? I understand technology, but I am getting double whammied here as are most other florists.  

Company Name : talleys florist
Email : talleysflorist@gmail.com

My Comments : dont be stupid and buy this equipment. you have to continually pay for bogus updates and basically be a slave to this rogue company. the maintance alone cost approx. 475.00 a month not including that stupid membership fee for 150.00 then that directory book cost 210.00 a month what a totally bogus joke. you wont be in business long and on top of that you make .40 on the dollar for those stupid watered down orders. Its the unsuspecting customer that call teleflora who gets ripped off along with teleflora florist paying them through the nose.

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