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If you order $50 worth of flowers from Teleflora that the delivering florist is only given $36.50 for the order & charged $2.75 to take the order? 

It's true: If you order from Teleflora.Com, the local florist that creates & delivers your flower order is only given 73% of the product amount. The additional fees you paid to Teleflora like the service charge Teleflora keeps for themselves (i.e. $15.99). 

Teleflora then sends the order to the local florist and charges that florist a $2.75 receiving fee. The total is now $33.75. The florist then backs-out the cost of goods, labor, and gas/delivery fee. 

Who’s the losers here? You & the local florist.
Educating the public on flower ordering: 
According to Wikipedia

"Valentine's Day on Feb. 14, 2012, the company failed to deliver flowers to numerous customers. Public relation concerns mounted when customers were not notified of the failed deliveries and phone lines and customer service representatives were overwhelmed and often unable to be reached. Telaflora has yet to publicly comment on their failure to execute orders and the poor service that followed."
Featured Teleflora Customer Complaints:

Name : Darnell Turner
Email :
Order Number : 2216897445
Name of Delivering Florist : I was told the name of the 
delivering florist was confidenntial 

My Complaint : I have called Teleflorist at least 5 times and 
each time have been placed on hold each time for almost 
one hour, after being told I would be holding between 
10 - 20 minutes. We are on day two, and my mother still 
has not gotten her flowers, and I cannot get in touch with a rep that can assist me. I will not be using Teleflorist again, I prefer to purchase and deliver flowers myself to out of town family or simply send money in a card. If my situation is not rectified, Teleflorist needs to know this is not the last they will hear of me. I would be happy to bring media attention to the lack of customer service, follow through, customer satisfaction, and response Teleflorist provides to their trusting customers.

Name : Kevin Riley
Email :
Order Number : 2216750052
Name of Delivering Florist : N/A
My Complaint : I ordered a week in advance. The day before the scheduled delivery I received an email stating it could not be delivered on the requested date. I arranged to have it delivered the subsequent day. The day it was supposed to be delivered I received a phone call at 7 o'clock at night stating it would not be delivered that day either. The flowers were for Mother's day and would now not be delivered until after the holiday. I will never use Teleflora again and have posted this the details of my experience on 12 different customer complaint websites in hopes of letting others know what to expect from this company.
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Teleflora Behind The Scene Cost Breakdown based on a $50 value amount....

  $50.00 − Teleflora Product Amount
  $15.99 − Teleflora Service Fee
  $65.99 − Total YOU Paid To Teleflora (minus tax)

Actual Amount Paid To Local Florists 

  $36.50 - Amount Given To The Local Florist 
  -$2.75 - Fee Billed to Florist by Teleflora
   $33.75 - Total Amount Given To Local Florist