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Name : Wanda Aaron
Email : wanda.aaron@us.army.mil
Order Number : 01437427
My Complaint : To Whom It May Concern,
I ordered an arrangement of flowers early May 26, 2012 hoping 
they would be delivered that same day. The flowers did not arrive 
that Saturday. I tried call Sunday but was unsuccessful. I was 
able to contact a young lady who was very helpful Monday. She 
asked instead of canceling the order to allow them to deliver 
Tuesday since Monday was a holiday with an upgrade and $50.00 
store credit. She stated she would contact me to let me know 
when the flowers were delivered. Well she did call me Tuesday 
morning and left a voice mail stating they would deliver Tuesday 
before 5 p.m. I found that message unacceptable since the order 
was originally scheduled for Saturday. Well by the time, I was 
able to contact anyone from this company it was 5:30 and the flowers still had not been delivered. I spoke to another young lady and explained my situation she offered me a $40.00 store credit. By this time, I am very unhappy. She immediately placed me on hold leaving me on hold 12 minutes. 

When she returned to the phone I asked her to let me speak to a manager because I wanted to cancel my order. She again placed me on hold. Ten minutes into holding my house phone rung and it was her manager. I told her I wanted my order canceled. She told me it would be 5 to 10 business day to receive credit to my account. I was very unhappy with her response. I order flowers from another company and the flowers were delivered the same day. I think customer relations would be a helpful training tool for at least the last two ladies I spoke to May 29, 2012. The young lady I spoke with on May 28, 2012 she was very pleasant and helpful. I would take full responsibility if I had in anyway been wrong or had unreasonable expectations but this was a simple case of not taking care of a customer and treating them with courtesy and respect.  
Wanda Aaron

Name : Katara Hause
Email : katara@cryptonfabric.com
Order Number : 01440678
My Complaint : My husband ordered flowers to be delivered to my work place on 5/30. He tried to call the actual store location, as it is literally across the street from my work address. He, instead was put through to the off-site 800 number location. He was assured the flowers would be delivered before 3pm. They were not. They were delivered sometime after I left at 4pm. The delivery person told our receiver to place the arrangement in the refrigerator to insure the flowers were "saved". When I arrived this morning, the flowers were already wilting and discoloring. This is the second time my husband has sent flowers and they were delivered after the promised time. In my opinion, the arrangement was severely over-priced for the lack of committment to timely delivery and the appearance of the arrangement today. I would call the location, but will once again just be transferred to the dispatch office. We will not be using this florist again.
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