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About Featured Complaints

From time to time I will post a FTD.Com customer complaint that sticks out from the rest in this area. 

The type of complaint that is posted here is usually a more detailed complaint.
Featured FTD.Com Customer Complaint:

Name : Lori
Email : ok.lori@gmail.com
Order Number : FMD306154
Flower Complaint : I have spent hours on the phone 
today due to 3 Mother's Day failed flower deliveries. 
They were confirmed for delivery for May 12 or May 13. 

They first said that my credit account was insufficient 
so I quoted them the transaction ID and authorization 
code from Paypal. Then they claimed that I had ordered 
them post the requested delivery date. Then I gave them 
the date and time stamp from the confirmation email. They apologized after a series of long music on hold 
delays. They offered to cancel the order or deliver tomorrow (two days after Mother's Day). I asked them 
how that solved the problem? They then agreed to deliver today, but to take the service/shipping fees off. They gave me final total that was $31 higher than it should have been with the service fee deduction. After another terminally long hold she told me that she could assure me the $65.97 in service fees would be deducted but that she couldn't give me the final total. I told the representative that I didn't understand how they were unable to provide the total. 

She put me on hold again. She came back and once again assured me the $65.97 would be deducted, but
that she could not provide the total. By that point I had been on the phone for a very, very long time and I just wanted the flowers delivered so I agreed and stated that the total should be roughly under $103 and that I was not comfortable not receiving that prior to ending the call. She assured me everything would be fine and I gave up and the call was ended. Soon after I hang up I received a new confirmation email with the same order number and the total was $23 higher than the original order that was supposed to be delivered over the weekend. I sent an email to management and I have not received a reply. I am on the phone with customer service now -- again on hold. I explained the situation and carefully and patiently explained the differences between the two order details. 

I've asked for a manager three times and I have been on hold for over an hour now. The last time she came back she said that the manager was busy with other calls. I am certain that the reps do not understand the english language to the extent they need to...I believe they simply do not know how to respond to certain statements. I'm not blaming them - I'm sure they are doing the best they can with what little they know of our language. I do, however, blame FTD and the customer service choices they are making. 
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Educating the public on flower ordering: 

If you order $50 worth of flowers from FTD.Com that the delivering florist is only given $36.50 for the order & charged $2 to take the order? 

It's true: If you order from FTD.Com, the local florist that creates & delivers your flower order is only given 73% of the product amount. The additional fees you paid to FTD.Com like the service charge FTD.com keeps for themselves (i.e. $15.99). 

FTD.Com then sends the order to the local florist and charges that florist a $2 receiving fee. The total is now $34.50. The florist then backs-out the cost of goods, labor, and gas/delivery fee. 

Who’s the losers here? You & the local florist. 
FTD.COM Behind The Scene Cost Breakdown based on a $50 value amount....

  $50.00 − FTD.Com Product Amount
  $15.99 − FTD.Com Service Fee
  $65.99 − Total YOU Paid To FTD.Com (minus tax)

Actual Amount Paid To Local Florists 

  $36.50 - Amount Given To The Local Florist 
  -$2.00 - Fee Billed to Florist by FTD.Com
   $34.50 - Total Amount Given To Local Florist