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Name : Ken
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My Complaint : ProFlowers completely messed up my order. I paid extra for the before noon delivery and it still hasn't arrived. I was never notified of the mistake. I had to call and track down the issue. All the customer service person could say was sorry and that he would reimburse me the expedited charge I kidding! Plus half the delivery cost which doesn't help because the person is no longer at the site to get the flowers. The customer service person then said he would give me a $15 certificate for a future I will ever use this company again. I asked to get reimbursed the total cost since the event was a complete loss - he said he couldn't. I asked to speak to a supervisor and he wouldn't allow me. So bottom line....I paid for flowers that will not get to the person and someone else I don't know will probably get to enjoy on my behalf. I will let everyone I know the poor service and lack of adequate resolution from this company. I truly don't understand why this company has "Pro" in their name ˆ I didn't receive any professionalism.
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TOP 10 Victim List of Reported Extra Credit Card Charges via Proflowers Easy Saver Rewards Program:

1) $847.28 Ellen Dunkin | (3/25/12)
2) $800 G. Allen | (1/19/12)
3) $538.20 Michael Bush | Email Removed (5/11/11)
4) $433.55 Marie | (1/3/11)
5) $375.70 Jane | (12/26/11)
6) $358.80 Thomas Harris | (3/16/11)
7) $350 Makenna | (3/25/11)
8) $345.75 KAREN WASHIK | (8/26/11)
9) $313.95 Mary Joyce | (2/13/11)
10) $239.20 Clay Chandler | (1/18/11)
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